Screams in the Darkness

The Funeral City of the Blood Emperor

January 27th, 2013

After a summons by Duke Montard, Lord of the Black Mesa, our heroes find themselves deep inside legendary Vortus, the Funeral City of the first of the Blood Emperors, Cheotok IV. Harried by the goblinoid Keeners, they find themselves divided.

Brellin the Artificer and the Treok Shaman Mablong, having escaped a Keener horde through a dimensional door of some sort, have been ushered by the Great White Knight of Law through a golden gate into a midnight forest glade, surrounded by strangers in dark hooded robes, one of whom declares “the ritual has succeeded.”

Titus, the young, distrusted Wizard, has been overrun by Keeners trying to escape the “Wiggly-Woo” (a name recalled from a poem remembered by Nathan the bard) named Grumfk, an enormous apparently friendly primate, 12’ high and shaped like an orangutan, with grey fur covered in green mold, and a ravenous appetite for Keeners. Trapped in the ancient zoo, the keeners are racing around the huge, + shaped room, barely outpacing Grumfk.

One hundred feet above, the elvish ranger Dryson, the Templar Regulus and Nathan are trying to rescue Titus, while the Cleric of What Lies Beneath Hawthorn and April the halfling Druid of the Great Forest keep look-out in the center of what was once a great arena, presumably for the funeral games held in honor of the Blood Emperor.



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