Screams in the Darkness

Dungeon World or How I Learned to Love the Lava

Titus, the wizard, caught up in a magical vortex, had become a vessel housing the vile spirit of the Blood Emperor Cheotek. Upon being reunited with his companions in Cheotek’s ancient, abandoned capitol, Titus began losing control and the ancient sorcerer began calling his servants from the twilight to aide him. If he could just be reunited with the three artifacts of his rule, the golden ring and amulet and the crystal orb, he would complete his transmogrification to godhood. Yet, the artifacts lay far below the crumbling city and only Cheotek knew the way.

Dryson, the ranger, undeterred by greed and ambition, split off from the party to rescue April the Druid, who had been captured by minions of the ancient emperor and was being prepared for ritual sacrifice.

The rest of the group, led by Titus and Hawthorne, descended deep into the earth in a magical metal cage. After ten long hours, their elevator reached its destination: A small rocky island, set amid a vast sea of lava within an enormous cavern. A narrow jetty led out to the Ebon Barge, a vessel of unknown material upon which sat a blue stone altar, covered with ash, dust and the ring, amulet and orb.

As the five bickered, the ring disappeared. Hawthorne seized the orb. Nathan the Bard, the amulet. Scaahawk adeptly slipped the amulet out of Nathans grasp and tossed it into the lava.
Then, the ballsy halfling skipped past the the Bard, running for the elevator with Ajax the Fighter just behind. Nathan, knocked aside, fell partially into the terrible sea.

Titus was unable to stop the two with magic missiles. Cheotek’s spirit dissipated as the amulet melted. Titus, Hawthorne and the terribly injured Nathan spent their final hours tormented by the heat and fumes.

Scaahawk and Ajax escaped with the Blood Emperor’s ring, fleeing the ancient ruined city with Drayson and the recovering Druid April. (And probably finding the cowering(?) Mablong along the way).



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