Mablang the Shaman

Member of the Treok Tribe of the Far North



  • Hawthorn and I disagree on one and only one, fundamental tenet of his What Lies Beneath faith.
  • Dryson has guided me before, and I owe him for it.
  • I recognise something powerful and dangerous about Nathan the Bard’s guitar.
  • Hawthorn sees me as being in some unrecognised danger and is determined to save me.

Mablang’s skin is very heavily creased and tanned from many hours under the northern sun. His hair is is starkly white and greased with whale-blubber. He is ancient among his tribe (mid-40s), and has already replaced himself in the Treok with his apprentice of nine years, Omblad.
Mablang carries an old knotted wooden staff of ebon dark wood attached to which is an equally dark, rattling leather pouch about the size of a head.

Treok Shamanic Lore
All living things are either Othror that translates as “worthy when dead”, or Okine which translates as “creature” or “unworthy when dead”. Keeners are considered Okine. Only the bonemeal of Othror can be used for any shamanic magic.

Mablang is illiterate, as are all the Treok. All knowledge is passed down orally, and Mablang does not understand the attraction of writing things down and considers the praxis and practitioners untrustworthy.

Mablang the Shaman

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