Ancient maps, texts, songs and poems give the name Vortus to the underground city built to house the corpse of the first Blood Emperor Cheotok IV during the Age of Fire over a thousand years ago. According to legend, Cheotok ordered the construction of the city begun after his tenth year on the Serpent Throne, when a trio of Oldani Oracles predicted his death at the hands of his children. Cheotok subsequently burned the prophetesses and had his children ritually dismembered and fed to the crocodiles in front of their mothers, who suffered the same fate in case they might be pregnant.

Twenty-two years later, his bastard son Kleotok I and his band of rebel generals, impaled his father upon his lance, bathing in the rain of Cheotok’s blood and viscera while the older man slowly died. The body was left to rot while Kleotok tried to secure his hold on the Empire, only to fall at the hands of Amnus, Cheotok’s chosen heir, who took the name Cheotok V.

The survivor’s of Kleotok’s rebellious band, were interred, alive, in Vortus, which was sealed to the world by a flow of lava from the nearby volcanoes Osorus and Erebus.

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